Ike McCorkle is likely to be Lauren Boebert's Democratic challenger

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) is facing a new ad from her likely Democratic challenger Ike McCorkle vowed to kick her out of Washington.

The ad features McCorkle saying:

Life has a way of shaping us. My mom joined the Air Force when I was eight. I joined the United States Marine Corps at the age of 17. I served my first enlistment. I returned home to get my education. On September 12th 2001 I raised my right hand and bought a ticket straight to the front lines.

After nearly 18 years of service I made the decision to return home to my family. I recognized the dysfunction in Congress. I found the democracy I fought so hard to defend was broken. I saw politicians claiming to support our veterans but always coming up short when we needed them most.

Our campaign will fight to defend American democracy from extremists in Congress, and kick Lauren Boebert out of Washington for good. The job of a congressman should be about work, not words. My fight for the future of America is ongoing. Join me in this fight.

Watch the ad:

Rep. Boebert moved over to retiring Rep. Ken Buck’s district, a +20 Republican district, because she looked headed for likely defeat in Colorado’s 4th district. Speaker Mike Johnson has endorsed her, and the Republican Party is treating her like an incumbent in her new district, but Boebert has met resistance from voters, who appear to loathe her. She finished fifth in a straw poll of Republican candidates, and if she wins the primary, could face a difficult challenge from McCorkle, who is the opposite of Boebert in every way.

If Boebert gets through the GOP primary, a patriot who has already served his country twice is ready to take her on and defend democracy.

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