Some freeways across LA County seem to be full of traffic no matter what time of day you are traveling, experts might have a solution.

LA is known for its traffic and crowded roadways and now the LA Metro Transportation Authority is exploring new ways of alleviating that by charging drivers.

The idea is called “Congestion Pricing,” that uses priced tolls to control speed and the flow of cars. This would ultimately help with less traffic and cleaner air.

The company has identified three locations where they could potentially implement the new idea. One of them is a 16-mile stretch on the 10 Freeway between downtown LA and Santa Monica. Another is in the San Fernando Valley and the LA Basin.

The prices of living in LA already high and the additional coast for drivers may not sit well with consumers.

“The basic idea behind it is the traffic congestion is caused because roads are a valuable scares goods,” said Michael Manville, a professor of Urban Planning at UCLA. “Right now they cost nothing to access and like almost anything that’s in high demand, if it’s underpriced you run out of it and that’s what congestion is.”

Other cities across the world have implemented similar programs on their roadways like in London, Stockholm, Singapore and Milan. New York City is also considering something as well.

Details on the plan have not been finalized including the price, technology, or how they will implement it.

The Los Angeles MTA has said they plan on releasing their study later this summer.

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