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Kopari Sun Shield Body Glow SPF 50 Reviews

A shopper gushed, “I have never loved a sunscreen like I love this sunscreen. I want to bathe in this glorious stuff. Never have I ever applied a sunscreen so effortlessly, and it smells amazing. And my skin feels so incredibly soft. The only and I mean ONLY downside is that it isn’t reef safe.”

Someone else shared, “I’m happy with this sunscreen. I’ve been looking for a product like this since 2000.”

A Kopari customer raved, “This is my new favorite product for sun care! I typically burn easy, I have rosacea and have to be very careful in the sun (which is why fake tanner is a necessity for me)! I tested out the Kopari sun shield while doing yard work yesterday. I was outside for four hours in the sun! Now usually I would come in as red as a tomato and not be able to move for several days, but thanks to the Kopari Sun Shield, I’m not burned at all! I love how the product looks on my skin and it leaves me feeling super hydrated! This held up against sweat and a ton of dirt and was not affected by any of it! I’m super impressed!”

A fan of the product said, “This sunscreen actually makes me want to put on sunscreen! It is so moisturizing and smells lovely. I love the pump bottle and how it pushes all the product toward the top of the bottle as you use it.”

“Love this product. Protects my skin when I’m hiking, boating or playing golf. It’s not sticky and goes on naturally smooth,” someone wrote.

A customer reviewed, “This is my favorite sunscreen, it does a great job in preventing burns I’ve used it at the beach and also for daily wear , it absorbs well into the skin it’s not thick or greasy and leaves a great natural glow!”

Someone shared, “This product is not sticky at all. It melted into my skin on an 85 degree, humid day. I wish it was actually a little more sparkly but otherwise it’s truly incredible!”

A shopper declared, “This is my new summer favorite! It’s so moisturizing for my skin, smells heavenly and puts a beautiful glow on my skin as well. A glow… not body glitter which I love! All that and my fair skin is being protected from sun damage too. I use it everyday and have gotten asked what perfume I have on in a good way and get complimented on how on how nice my skin looks in such a dry climate! Way to go Kopari!”

A Kopari shopper said, “This is by far my new favorite spf! It applies like a dream, makes my skin feel soft and smooth, makes it look glowy and gorgeous, it smells absolutely divine, AND it protects against the harsh sun on the beach- yes PLEASE!”

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