“It’s been pretty fun getting to watch the fans’ reactions to it over the years,” Kimberly said. “It cracks us up.”

Although they kept in touch on social media, it wasn’t until they reunited in person in 2016 that sparks began flying for the two. 

“I know it took me by surprise,” Daniel admitted. “I hadn’t seen her in years and I’m waiting I’m sitting at the bar waiting and she comes walking in and I was like, ‘Well hello there it’s been a while, hi!’ So it was pretty much just right away I was like, damn girl.”

When asked if they would include a special nod to their spooky season roots if they ever got married, the couple wasn’t opposed to the idea. 

“No pressure at all,” Daniel joked. “We’re gonna fly in on brooms, we’re gonna do the whole shebang.”

We’ll be awaiting our brooms (and invite) in the mail!

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