Kiefer Sutherland doesn’t think the clock has run out on 24

The actor, who played Jack Bauer on the hit Fox drama for eight seasons—plus a movie and a reboot—believes there’s still plenty of story to be told.

“I do believe the story is unresolved,” Kiefer told GQ. “If something were to be written that made sense to me and that I thought was going to contribute to the franchise then I would be behind it, even if my participation in that were to be limited.”

Kiefer, who plays President Franklin D. Roosevelt in Showtime’s The First Lady, emphasized that he wouldn’t return to 24 unless all the pieces fell into place.

“My involvement will always be predicated on what I perceive is the quality of the writing,” he told GQ. “If [original showrunner] Howard Gordon is motivated to do it, we’ll see what happens.”

After the first run of 24 ended in 2010, the show returned with the 12-episode reboot 24: Live Another Day in 2014. Both Kiefer and Howard were involved in the project.

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