If you’ve ever spent a full day with everything you need shoved into nothing but a mini bag, you know that the struggle is real—especially when you’re in a mostly carless city such as NYC. But small bags have been the way of the fashion world in recent years and carrying around a large tote would lead people to assume you were headed to the office or the airport. But there’s good news if you’re tired of the tiny bag trend: Oversized bags are back (they’ve been all over the recent runways), and Katie Holmes is aware.

Being the busy New Yorker that she is, it makes sense that Holmes would be on board with the oversized bag trend. On a recent late January day in the city, she carried a large black leather tote with a casual sneaker outfit. The luxe bag elevated the look but not in a trying-too-hard-to-be-trendy kind of way, given how classic it looks. So if you too are ready to upsize your bag, keep scrolling to shop chic oversized bags that will give you that effortless Katie Holmes look.


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