Kate Hudson will always stand by her older brother.

Two weeks after Oliver Hudson clarified his comments about his complicated relationship with their mom Goldie Hawn, the Almost Famous actress reflected on her brother’s concern about his public quotes being misconstrued.

“I was like, ‘Who cares?'” Kate said in an April 15 TikTok video. “Then I really started thinking about it, and I was like, ‘Oh, people do care, actually.'”

“It’s not nice when people take something out of context or they look at something you’re doing and they get all negative about it,” she continued. “Then I started thinking about people who live in that, like myself or any kind of celebrity, where you have to get used to it because people can be so mean.”

However, the 44-year-old noted that often, the comments on social media that hurt the most are from troll accounts made specifically to post inflammatory messages.

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