Time to dust off your miniature Jeff Goldblum collection, because Magic: The Gathering is going to Jurassic Park. The new Universes Beyond crossover cards will be part of the upcoming Lost Caverns of Ixalan set, which arrives at retail on Nov. 17. The announcement was made live from the floor of MagiCon Las Vegas — and included more of Wizards of the Coast’s plans for next year.

According to a news release, Lost Caverns of Ixalan will be the final full set to be released in 2023. But it sounds like a wild one, as it will include dinosaurs from the Jurassic World franchise, a legendary creature named Dr. Ian Malcolm, plus vampires and merfolk, all alongside art inspired by “Meso and South American-inspired culture.”

Not satisfied by letting Post Malone take on the horrific burden of The One Ring all by himself, Wizards has also seen fit to expand on its recent dalliance in Middle-earth with even more cards. The Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-earth Holiday release will include six new and mechanically unique cards, all part of lavish panoramic scenes that depict moments from the classic novels. They include Galadriel, Aragorn at Helm’s Deep, Gandalf on the field at Pelennor, and the Witch-King himself on the move. Wizards isn’t stopping there either. Another 20 Lord of the Rings cards will feature the classic illustrations of Greg and Tim Hildebrandt, while Showcase Scrolls of Middle-earth — an entirely new product for the Seattle-based company — will basically include gorgeous cards gift-wrapped and ready to hang on the wall.

Finally, the return of this king will also be heralded by a Jumpstart set — adding to the inventory of the new, casual format first released in 2020. Expect to see this motley crew in stores by Nov. 3.

Pre-orders are currently live on Amazon.

Last, but definitely not least, is the first set to be revealed for 2024, Ravnica Remastered, an oft-visited plane that is certain to be a hot commodity among casual and competitive players alike. According to the news release, fans can expect “classic cards with bold card treatments of anime art and retro frames, as well as dual shock lands in regular, borderless, and retro versions.” It arrives in stores on Jan. 12.

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