A Florida judge has announced that he will block the electoral map drawn by Gov. Ron DeSantis that targets African-Americans.

The AP reported:

 A congressional map approved by Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis and drawn by his staff is unconstitutional because it breaks up a district where Black voters can choose their representatives, a state judge said Wednesday.

Leon County Circuit Judge Layne Smith said he would issue a formal order Thursday or Friday to keep the maps from taking effect in November’s election. He made it clear he would rule in favor of voting rights groups challenging the maps.

The DeSantis map is not going to survive. It is overtly racist and targeted African-Americans. The map eliminated two House districts where black voters are the majority in a clear effort to weaken and dilute the voices of African-American voters in the state.

The map was obviously racist, and now it will be replaced.

DeSantis is a mini-Trump in that everything he touches falls apart, and if he is the next in line for the Republican presidential nomination, the American people can expect more of the same.

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