JoJo Siwa and Kylie Prew just enjoyed a magical trip to Disney World.

The Nickelodeon star, 18, and her ex were seen on rides and holding hands at the Florida-based amusement park in a series of photos posted to Instagram by JoJo’s father, Tom Siwa, on May 1. Needless to say, Siwanatorz couldn’t get enough of the pics. 

“JoJo and Kylie,” one follower wrote. “I’m SCREAMING.” Added another, “You’re about to break the internet Tommy Tuna! Looks like a great time!”

JoJo and Kylie broke up in October after about nine months of dating. JoJo told Us Weekly the split was “tough” but said the two remained on good terms.

“I realized what was making me sad is I felt like I couldn’t be friends with Ky anymore,” JoJo told the outlet in November. “And then I was like, ‘This is dumb.’ We started being friends by Snapchatting every day. We’re going to go back to being friends.”

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