Human Events Daily host, Jack Posobiec, obtained an exclusive recording of phone calls from violent lefts leaving death threats to employees of a Pro-life group after their office was firebombed earlier this week in Madison, Wisconsin.

The pro-life PAC Wisconsin Family Action office located in Madison was firebombed early Sunday morning. The authorities investigated the fire as arson. The police reports revealed at least one Molotov Cocktail was used. No injuries were reported in the 6 a.m. attack; however, there are photos showing fire damage to furniture and books inside and outside the office. Graffiti was spray-painted on an exterior wall with the message, “If abortions aren’t safe then you aren’t either,” as well as an anarchist “A” symbol alongside the numerals “1312.”

The attack appears to be a response to the leaked draft of a U.S. Supreme Court decision last week that would overturn the 1973 Roe v. Wade case that legalized abortion nationwide.

On Thursday, Jack Posobiec revealed on his show that he obtained audio of the violent left, leaving death threats for Wisconsin pro-life family action.

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Post Millennial reported:

Jack Posobiec played the audio on the May 12th edition of the Human Events Daily podcast.

Caller 1: “Hi, I’m calling because I read about the fire in your building. And I’m calling because I’m curious if it was arson, or rather the good Lord showing you an example of hell and where you belong for being such a misogynistic [BLEEP]. Thanks for basically going out there daily, and making sure that women can’t have control over their own bodies. And I’m so thankful that the good Lord finally took action on people like you.”

Caller 2: “you’re gonna burn as well. You’re all gonna burn. You [BLEEP] think you’re following the will of [BLEEP] Jesus? You’re following the [BLEEP] devil, actually. You’re just evil, little [BLEEP] people, trying to control other people’s lives. [BLEEP] next time that [BLEEP] molotov? I hope it [BLEEP] doesn’t [BLEEP] miss. I hope you all burn with it, that’s what you deserve.”


You can watch the full episode of Human Events Daily here.

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