*Co-Authored by Guest Contributor Annie Lee

Andrew Taake is a 33 year old man from Houston Texas. He was arrested near his home in July 2021, for his alleged involvement on January 6th.

This man was turned into the FBI by a romantic match he met on the popular dating app ‘Bumble’. See screenshots below of his match’s correspondence with the FBI from the Government’s “Statement of Facts” used to indict Taake. His lovely potential date entrapped Taake into talking about January 6th before she turned him over to the Feds by asking “Were you near all the action?” prompting an unsuspecting Taake to send over his whereabouts on the day as well as a photo of himself at the protest.

The Government’s federal charging documents used to indict Taake.

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“The current Regime encourages snitching and ratting out fellow Americans, just like they do in communist countries,” said Tina Ryan of Citizens Against Political Persecution. “The social validation people are getting for ratting people out is alarming. They are called ‘heroes’. It is sickening and un-American.”

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Taake was immediately denied bail, and has been getting shuffled around from prison to prison ever since.

Andrew refers to it as “Diesel Therapy” which is a form of punishment in the United States in which prisoners are shackled and then transported for days or weeks; the term refers to the diesel fuel used in prisoner transport vehicles. It has been described as “the cruelest aspect of being a federal inmate.

Andrew Taake, prisoner of The Biden Regime.

After spending time in a Houston jail, Taake was sent to Grady County Oklahoma (where he also caught Covid). Several months later he was shipped to the D.C Jail, where he was kept in the “Patriot Wing” with other J6 detainees.

Tw0 months later (after voicing complaints of civil rights violations to the D.C Jail and Marshals) he was shipped off to the United States Penitentiary Lewisburg, for no apparent reason. Andrew spoke to some upper management US Marshals, who claimed “they had no clue as to why he was moved to a facility that is made for the top tier of convicts, not pretrial detainees.

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As of April 22, 2022 Andrew and 3 other patriot detainees have been in quarantine for 37 straight days with no phone privileges, and no contact with family. They have only been let out of their cells for several minutes each week to shower, and  are handcuffed and shackled to the shower stalls the entire time. These men are being housed on the 3rd floor of the Prison, where pigeons roost on the window ledges. Every day they must endure the horrid stench from the bird waste, and dead birds. There is no way to remove the mess from the ledges (due to grates on the windows) and they must be open for ventilation and temperature control.

These men are being treated terribly. Denied medical treatments, haircuts and shaves, visitations, religious services, and healthy food. There are very few fruits, vegetables, or other nutritious options available, even through commissary accounts.

Meanwhile, Andrew’s court appointed counsel HAS YET TO CONTACT ANDREW or his mother, despite her daily attempts to reach him. Andrew desperately needs and deserves an attorney who will WORK FOR HIM, not against him.  

Andrew Taake before his unconstitutional detainment.

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Here is Andrew’s incredible story in his own words:

My Fellow American Patriots,

I don’t have any excruciatingly tough stories or major hardships from my childhood as some other people, nonetheless here is the story. I grew up in the standard middle-class family in the late 80’s early 90’s in suburban Texas. I was the child in the hand me down clothes from the older brother, the product of a special education teacher mother and a telephone company father, who provided an overall loving and stable home for their 2 sons, I, being the junior by three and a half years. We were the typical church going, boy scout family of Southeast Texas. I didn’t have all the best new games and contraptions that my friends did, but I wasn’t in need of anything. We were provided with all out necessities and plenty of pleasures to keep up with the rapidly evolving times that were the 90’s.  

As the years wore on, the “normal problems” of parents fighting grew worse, with them clearly only staying together as long as they did just to attempt to maintain a safe home for their offspring. It made things tense at times, but looking back on it now, it is still commendable that they both sought the best for their boys. Who knows if parental fights lead to my brother’s violent outbursts against me, or if he just had a sick sense of satisfaction from beating a child just separated enough in years that he couldn’t physically stop the beatings? Compounding the situation with the parents and the brother, it led me to start seeking more and more relief from the stressors. Drug and alcohol use started at the very young age of 10 or 11. It rapidly escalated throughout the junior high and high school years. From marijuana to alcohol, I escalated to cocaine, extasy, and meth all by the middle teenage years. I cannot deny the fact that I created more of my own problems than those I was running from.  

I at least worked for what I wanted to use back then 14–15-year-olds working weekends to pay for their habits. Starting fulltime work at 16, and essentially quitting school because I had the (laughable) illusion that I was making good money. This is where my legal troubles began. I ended up in youth lockup and sent to bootcamp for a few poor decisions. I wish I could say that it did me some good, but it didn’t take away the addictions. Upon release, I continued the marijuana and alcohol use while being on probation. Fast forward to 18 years old and the first of the adult legal troubles. First, drug possession and then a few months later, a serious car accident while under the influence of alcohol. This situation landed me in a very intense rehabilitation program, The Texas House, instead of earning me a prison sentence. After the accident that nearly took my life and left me with a titanium plate in my face, I wasn’t fighting the addictions anymore. I was fighting my immaturity at 19 and my lack of coping skills that lead to the drugs and violence. During the time I was in Alcoholics Anonymous, I was also going to college full time at night, working full time and part time jobs, and keeping up with a very rigorous gym schedule. This was starting to burn me out and I didn’t see the signs in time to adjust my lifestyle. I did, however, manage to maintain 3 years of sobriety before I succumbed to alcohol again which led to my early 20’s just being a big party. I was bartending at night and clubs and really enjoying life, but just not being a responsible young man like while I was sober.  

I was never a bad man, I would and will do anything to help someone in need, as long as they were willing to put in the work as well. I didn’t ever try to get over on anyone, I always believed in being honest and hardworking. After finally (barely) squeezing by on probation from the charges in my early adulthood, I started to tire of the daily grind of the bar and restaurant life. Between the alcohol use, the 60+ hour weeks, and the rude customers, I decided to start striving for more. I started putting my vast skill set to use. I had HVAC training that allowed me to learn and master most any task I set my mind to. Those few years were rough. I was taking any odd job I could find to fill in my limited customer base, but for once I was utterly satisfied that my efforts were truly working where they were most appreciated and needed.  

This was at the beginning of the Trump presidency, and we were all hopeful for the “Trump Boom”. We could see it on the horizon. I started to have too much work for just myself, but could never really keep another full-time employee motivated to work hard and be honest. So, I worked myself to the bone taking advantage of the wonderful economics of 2018-19. During 2019, I was finally able to pick and choose who I worked for and what I wanted to do all while staying booked up well into 2020. I had finally arrived! I was able to spend without worry, while also finally starting to build a nest egg. Then we all know of the Democratic/Globalist plot to overthrow President Trump and continue to push the world into its long sought-after plan of “The Great Reset”.  

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I enjoyed brief vacation in the Philippines in January of 2020, enjoyed what little time I could spare to see another culture. From partying in Cetu for Sinulog festival, to seeing the sights on the northernmost island of Luzon, to seeing the clear propaganda videos from China for Covid, I knew at that moment that there was going to be “election infection”. That seems to happen every time the Dems need a fear factor to campaign on. I just couldn’t foresee the great depths to which it would go…lasting multiple years. I wasn’t thinking that The Great Reset, originally scheduled for 2030, was now going to be moved up to, as the World Economic Forum called it, The Agenda 2020. The nightmare has begun,  

I made it home from the Philippines and had a couple more months of weird work. In an instant, I lost most of what was bringing me joy and meaning to my life. Most of my customers canceled the work that had been scheduled for months due to the fear mongering politicians and news outlets. My new found love of skydiving had to be put on hold. What had become a 3-time weekly occurrence was now at a standstill until the Wu Flu had passed.  Shortly thereafter, my other love, motorcycle riding, was ripped away as a hit-and-run driver left me on the side of the road with a horrendous injury. One that would continue to make day to day life extremely difficult, and make getting back to work next to impossible. I also could not continue to advance in the sport of skydiving at the level that was required of me. I had essentially been cut out of my own life, and was forced into a more sedentary lifestyle than was normal.  

As time went on through this “Pandemic” of fear, the government spending that was to help small businesses was so set up with and filled with fraud, that I was left unable to get one red cent to further my business, while others with fake businesses and employees were being handed tens of millions of dollars. It seemed as if my luck and my government had both turned against me in the blink of an eye. I was at my wits end watching the world devolve as quickly as it could into an authoritarian, communistic hell hole, a la” Atlas Shrugged”, all for the greater good.  

Then, as anyone that is a reader of this outlet is aware, we start seeing the writing on the wall that was the 2020 election, if we dare even call it that. The nonexistent campaign of Biden, the unconstitutional changing of voting rules by unelected officials, the censorship of conservatives and President Trump to aid the other side, the foreknowledge that Facebook was dropping multiple millions in large metros to stop the inevitable Red Wave, the election night shenanigans of “broken pipes” in Atlanta and Fox calling Arizona for Biden with only 20% of the votes in thus signaling 5 states to stop counting at the same time, thousands of credible sworn affidavits of fraud and irregularities even up to the surveillance footage obtained by Gateway Pundit themselves of thousands of ballots being dumped at 3:30 AM at the TCF Center in Detroit. We were being told we were too stupid to believe our own eyes, we were told that somehow a racist who didn’t campaign, who lost percentages in every minority group needed to win, who admitted to having the “most inclusive voter fraud organization ever created” somehow got 81 million votes. We saw Bill Barr covering clear evidence of fraud, and every news organization that had claimed and reported Russian collusion was now reporting that there had been NO FRAUD despite empirical evidence that proves otherwise. It seemed as if the Domonicrat deep state and globalist plan to destroy Donald Trump and the USA was going to succeed.  

In the months that followed, there was an even bigger showing of support for President Trump from around the globe. The world knows what had just happened to our country and it feels the pain, Stop the Steal rallies are happening everywhere with millions of people coming out to show support. One of the biggest events to date for our beloved President was the Million Maga March in DC, which I was not able to attend but watched many live streams of the event. One of the normal but infuriating themes was the violence taking place by Antifa against outnumbered and elderly Trump supporters. These fascists seem to operate with near impunity, I saw hundreds of separate incidents of massive groups of Antifa thugs attacking and sometimes severely injuring Trump supporters.  Trump supporters were being called the “violent extremists” all for simply supporting a man and a movement the media didn’t support.  

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 In the weeks leading up to the January 6th event, more clear evidence came forward of the sham that was the Election of 2020. In these weeks many friends and acquaintances from on-line communities became very gung-ho about attending the rally in DC on January 6th. Over the course of a month, I was the only one out of 20 of us, that was still fired up enough (and still without work) to take the few days to go the Nation’s Capital. Maybe the others sensed something I didn’t. Maybe they could see the Demonicrats need for a Reichstag fire event like Hitler needed to justify going after Jewish people. I was not to be deterred from using My 1st Amendment right to voice my grievances.  

When I arrived in the Capital, I met many thousands of people, many from my area, who were just as excited to see our President speak in the heart of the government as I was. Many revelers were foreign born and refugees who love and appreciate the country more than those that were born here. Houston alone, had a group of nearly 700 Vietnamese Americans who grew up in a communist country and wanted to warn of the approaching dangers. It was a beautiful sight, but the media will never show it as it breaks their white supremacy narrative.  

In talking with people, it is clear that many shared my same grievances with the government. Decades of selling out the country to enrich themselves, a rigged system designed to destroy the middle class as the ruling class grows more powerful. The UniParty of Democrats and RINOS actively fighting Trump’s America 1st agenda, Covid lockdowns that destroyed our businesses and personal lives, the use of a sensationalized and politicized lab altered col virus as a means to strip rights away, watching for 9 months as BLM and Antifa literally razed and burned cities to the ground, to the tune of nearly $4 billion in damages, watching massive corporations capitulate to a Marxist movement like BLM seeing an election clearly stolen while those in charge, like Bill Barr actively cover for known evidence of fraud. Observing a media that works lock step with the Dems to push their agenda, politicians openly lying about a majority white populace to convince their useful idiots that the other side of the aisle is nothing more than a bunch of uneducated white supremist, watching our businesses mandated not essential while fraudsters buy houses and exotic cars with funds that were meant to support us. Seeing the southern border be overrun as Dem operatives are found to be in Latin America openly forming caravans and coaching illegal aliens what to say at the border, illegal aliens getting the same rights as citizens, politicians like Schiff openly lying to Americans about Russian collusion and a Ukraine hoax with impunity even though behind closed doors they admit that President Trump did nothing wrong. People were fed up and wanted to take these grievances directly to the Swamp creatures responsible for the insanity. All of this seemed to happen in concert with a swiftness that shows it had to have been well orchestrated well in advance. There was a level of global collusion unlike that ever witnessed before. Every major world leader or hopeful was/is crying the same Build Back Better drivel that is nothing more than Agenda 2030 being implemented to destroy the world’s middle class so the “elites” may own everything and rent to the underclass. As it is written in the World Economic Forum’s plan for the world,” You will own nothing and be happy.”  

The day had arrived, and I headed back into DC to meet up with the people I had met the day before on the way to the District. It was a bitter cold day, overcast, yet the spirits of every Patriot were high. We were running late, so we went straight to the Ellipse, stopping at “BLM Plaza” on the way. The most striking revelation was the complete lack of BLM and Antifa agitators. They had even shared nationwide flyers for the fascists to converge on DC. As we got closer to the White House where Trump was giving his speech, the crowds started to build. I climbed on top of the spore on the opposite street corner to get a better vantage point of the event. From about 15 feet above the crowd, I could see down the streets on the east and south sides of the White House, the front lawn and Washington Monument sight appeared to have a crowd of around 100 million people.  

We didn’t hang around there long as the two of us had seen Trump speak twice in person and countless times on video. Some heavy police activity toward the capital building piqued our curiosity. This was all occurring as the President was still speaking. We met up with a gentleman who was active-duty Special Forces, on leave, just there to photograph clear Antifa Agitators. On our walk to the rally, the three of us kept pointing out people who were clearly not there to protest. The rumors we heard about Antifa trying to disguise themselves as Trump Supporters were obviously true. We could see scrawny figures dressed all in black wearing gas masks and one brand new article of Trump gear, bought that day from a street vendor.  As we moved along Pennsylvania Avenue, we could see certain singular people and small groups moving in lock step and showing signs of nonverbal communications. It was obvious to us that the BLM activists were now among us instead of being in BLM Plaza.  

Upon our arrival at the Capital, we were some of the first couple hundred people on the West side. I was surprised to note almost no police presence, no supplemental fencing that is ALWAYS erected when there is supposed to be a mass gathering. It didn’t make any sense, but now, looking back on the event, it is clear to see why Pelosi didn’t want fencing, all Capital Police on duty, or the National Guard as President Trump suggested. After a few minutes of standing around, I heard some commotion about 50 yards to my left. All I saw was the crowd as a whole moving towards the building. I went to the District to be involved in the rally, not stand in the shadows, so I made my way across a section of the lawn to get to the front of the throng of people. This is the moment everything went to hell for me.  

I made my way up to the tower west terrace, hand raised, smiling, and chanting reminiscent from the Michael Brown false narrative “Hands up, Don’t Shoot,” I still didn’t notice police presence. As I stopped to look around at the crowd, I was smacked in the face by the worst burning sensation I’ve ever experienced. Instantly, I knew that I had been sprayed with police mace, since I had voluntarily taken a spray of civilian pepper spray before, and this was much worse! I had not seen an officer, been instructed to leave, or told that I was trespassing. It was clearly an unprovoked attack that was just a sign of what was to come. Luckily, after a few minutes of searing pain and blindness from the OC spray, another person came to my rescue with milk to wash the hornets from my eyes. The milk had been brought solely to soothe any sprays from Antifa attacks that day, (I personally spoke with the gentleman about this fact while we were together in DC Jail a couple of months ago), not because we thought the police were going to attack us while practicing our 1st amendment right. Coming from the 1st person to be sprayed by police that day, I will tell you the whole media narrative of that day is the REAL “Big Lie”. The officers there immediately went to chemical weapons, despite the fact that they never told us to leave or that we were in the wrong. I watched through burning eyes, as the crowd grew, and the roar of “USA! USA!” and “We the People” ascended to deafening levels. Before long, law enforcement arrived with massive half gallon cannons of OC spray that they were using on innocent people. It was like watching a child torment a wasp nest with Raid. The spray was being used on people not even on the frontline of the laughable bicycle rack barrier that was hastily erected. People who were 20-30 feet back were being brutalized by full flow sprays of chemicals. Little old ladies on their phones, sedate people simply waving flags were being hit in a clear attempt to intensify the atmosphere. As innocent rally goers were being sprayed, the police on the front lines were brutally beating citizens who were only chanting and yelling at the police. I, myself, am still suffering from a mangled finger from an overzealous, baton wielding officer.  

Before long, you could hear the unmistakable cracks of the 40mm cannon launching CS (tear gas) cannisters, and the earthshaking concussion grenades being launched into the crowd. For some reason the police had escalated a protest into a riotous warzone. Funny this is, they NEVER declared a riot to the crowd as is legally necessary to start using chemical weapons against a crowd.  At the same time, we were seeing video and pictures on social media from the front side of the building of people being let into the Capital. Posts with selfies with officers, and people explaining in posts how they were let in like normal were coming through. We were confused as to why we were being attacked as we were if people were being allowed to enter. One thing was for certain, that when you attack innocent peaceful men, they get angry and start striking back. This is the only part the media want to show. Several times, I watched an officer behind the line literally time concussion grenades so they would explode right by peoples’ heads. I assisted some people dress wounds to their heads from these and others being shot with CS gas canisters. I watched a man get shot through his cheek with a “less lethal” round, spilling blood everywhere. I was fighting through clouds of tear gas to help people get to safety, Others were not able to survive in a situation like this. There were people in wheel chairs, grandparents, teenagers, even people with children as young as 3 that I had to shield from the unrelenting jets of OC spray.  

As more and more police reinforcements began to arrive, they started pushing people further away from the building, regardless of the danger they were pushing people into, or off of. I was shoved by an officer off a 5 -foot- tall ledge, fortunately I sustained no injury from that shove. I was then in a position to start catching people as police began to indiscriminately beating, pushing, and liberally spraying pepper spray to get people off the ledge. I was doing all I could to stop people from landing on their heads or breaking legs. One officer stomped on my hand as it was sitting on top of the ledge to brace myself while I was trying to help people. As he began swinging his baton at my head, I raised my hand to block the blow. He inevitably hit my hand and I noticed the damage he had done to my hand with his boot and baton. With blood dripping from my mangled finger, I decided that it was time to start pushing my way out of the crowd. Many people were completely unaware of the gravity of the situation, and I couldn’t just stand around or leave knowing innocent people were being attacked with military grade weapons. The real weapons of war! After several hours of the back and forth, my lungs couldn’t take any more of the gas and I had to retreat to my hotel.  

Arriving at the hotel, I met with others that had been there. We were confused as to why we were attacked for merely protesting. We started seeing the media coverage, and automatically knew how this was going to be wrongfully portrayed. What we didn’t know was the depth and lengths to which the Dems and their media partners would go in demonizing us. We didn’t riot for 9 months, we didn’t have flyers calling for a siege on the White House, or murder over 30 people in the name of a Marxists movement such as BLM. As the months passed, the incessant lies increased. The manhunts for simple protestors grew frighteningly more theatrical. It was apparent that the FBI couldn’t even do their own jobs as several groups of leftists like Sedition Hunters were popping up to scour the internet to identify the protesters. There was clear evidence of the FBI working with and feeding information back and forth with Sedition Hunters specifically. They were even begging people’s families to turn in loved ones under the guise that they were seditionists and terrorists. It made it to where one didn’t even want to live day-to-day life for fear that people would recognize us. I must have missed the FBI going after ANY Antifa after lighting St. John’s Church on fire, or the 112 night long siege on a federal courthouse in Seattle where all ground level windows were smashed in order to be able to toss in commercial grade fireworks injuring many federal officers.  

Arrests were extremely theatrical. Many said they needed SWAT teams, FBI teams fully kitted out for war and riding armored vehicles because we were so dangerous. Entire families were ripped from their homes and held at gunpoint, while specific journalists were allowed to be inside the cordoned off area to take pictures. If it wasn’t anything more than theatrics, they would not risk the life of an innocent at the arrests. The 3 entities that came for me: Harris County Terrorist Task Force, Houston Police Department, and the 15+ fully kitted FBI agents, thought they needed 25+ officers while they let a photographer get some good shots of the arrest. I haven’t had a chance to see all the slanderous news about me, but being as I was the last arrest before Pelosi started her Communist show trial January 6th Commission, they definitely used me to full up their segments. Officers in facilities all across the country have recognized me from my publicized arrest in July 2020.  

The depths to which the FBI will sink to destroy us will not stop. Not one single person has been arrested or charged for any terrorism, treason, sedition, or insurrection related, yet every person has had their internal FBI background info changed to label them as a domestic terrorist. They don’t want the narrative to break and show that there was no insurrection. There was even an FBI report from a few months back that was quickly swept under the rug. It specifically stated there was no insurrection and no plans at all to take over the government. Just as Christopher Wray had to admit there were no firearms confiscated at the capital that day. But the media didn’t want to play that soundbite, for fear that the American people would know the truth about January 6th.  

After my arrest in Houston, I was denied bail, partly because of an untruthful FBI agent and a daytime Emmy worthy prosecutor playing up the January 6th Committee that was on TV at the time of my hearing. I could even have stayed in Houston in custody while going through court proceedings to allow me to be close to family, but they decided to put me through “Diesel Therapy” as they call it. I spent time in Houston, then was sent to Grady County Oklahoma, where I caught Covid. Then, after a couple of months, I was shipped to DC Jail. I spent two months there with the rest of the folks in the “Patriot Wing”, as some call it, before being shipped to United States Penitentiary Lewisburg for no know reason. I have even spoken with some of the upper management US Marshalls who have no clue as to why I was moved to a facility that is made for the top tier of convicts, not pretrial detainees. All this time, since July 23, I have been trying to get medical care for the mangled finger suffered that fateful day, as well as another decades long condition that I had documentation for. The US Marshalls say that I should be getting the treatment, but every facility as of yet, denies the treatments. It is extremely frustrating knowing that the treatments I need are well within the scope of what the federal authorities do, as I see others get the same types of care that I need.  

The move to USP Lewisburg, a min-max security penitentiary, seems like clear retaliation for bringing complaints of civil rights violations to DC Jail and the Marshalls. They have moved just a few of us Jan 6th detainees from DC, while thus far leaving around 40 others in DC. With being in central Pennsylvania now, it makes fighting a case next to impossible. The lack of proximity to our attorneys, and now, missing out on the resources that are present when you have 45 people fighting the same charges makes mounting a defense difficult, if not impossible. On top of that, being pre-trial in a penitentiary means that we do not get any of the same “luxuries” as the inmates here. First off, we went through 3 weeks of 24 hour a day lockdown with only 10 minutes 2-3 times per week out the shower, all while being handcuffed from our cells to the 3×3 metal cages to shower. We were treated like the worst of the worst. We had no recreation time outside for over 5 weeks, and now that we are offered, we get locked in a cage outside. A 20’x40’ with 8-foot ceiling cage that you can only walk around in…definitely no running. We don’t get the use of the regular yard with grass, a track, weights, and sports equipment. We should have at least been able to stay in DC, despite its faults. At minimum we should be allowed to see our attorneys and get proper exercise. It seems as though the federal government is trying to twist our arms into just taking their ridiculous plea deals instead of fighting the outrageous charges.  

At the time of the release of this article, we are still experiencing civil rights violations: 75% of the time in lockdown, having legal visits with attorneys denied outright in writing, still no access to the recreation yard to exercise, denial of medical care, and having to tolerate attorneys who will not/do not perform the duties they are being paid to do.  


At a time like this, we need the support of as many like-minded individuals as possible. We need the ability to at least have legal representation that doesn’t think we are guilty just because we supported President Trump. The court appointed counsel I have is actively working against me, and does not have my best interest in mind. I need to hire competent legal counsel that believes in defending me instead of ushering me to take the government’s plea deal. After losing my home, my business, family, and friends over this ordeal, I need your help. Help by speaking up to those you know, sharing this article with others, and blessing me with any amount you find me deserving of to my legal defense fund at www.givesendgo.com/G28YK. Anything you may share will help us at least stand tall in the face of the weaponized DOJ and will give a better chance to not be railroaded.  

Thank You Fellow Patriots  

Andrew Taake”  

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Annie Lee is an advocate for January 6th Detainees, and a proud American who loves her country wholeheartedly. Please feel free to email comments or tips to: [email protected]

Cara Castronuova

Cara Castronuova is a co-Founder of C.A.P.P. (Citizens Against Political Persecution and The People’s January 6th Commission. She is an Activist, Investigative Journalist, 2-Time Boxing Champion, Celebrity Fitness Trainer and Television Personality. You can watch her on Newsmax at 10PM EST every Saturday night on “Wiseguys”. You can follow her on & Twitter or Instagram  @CaraCastronuova. She is currently banned on Fakebook & suing them for defamation of character.  You can contact her via the C.A.P.P. website at www.CitizensAPP.us or www.caracastronuova.com if you have any tips or would like to volunteer.  She is also running for New York State Assembly (www.Cara4Assembly.com).

“I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me.” Phil 4:13.

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