The Laguna Niguel neighborhood hit hard by the Coastal Fire is located in what CalFire calls a “very high fire hazard severity zone.”

The Coastal Fire has burned some 200 acres, and 20 homes, leaving residents in 900 homes evacuated.

The severity zones were mapped out several years ago.

They’re based on factors like type of vegetation, terrain, past fire history, and weather patterns.

A new law took effect last year requiring the seller of a home located in a “very high fire hazard severity zone” to provide the buyer with what’s called a “defensible space inspection.”

If you’re a buyer, you can waive the inspection, but you’re then required to get one done within a year.

The inspection looks at fire hazards around the home’s perimeter, along with attributes of the house.

It can be done by your local fire department.

CalFire has made maps available online so you can check to see if your home or one you’re interested in buying sits in one of these zones.

For the CalFire Searchable Map, Click here. Click the binoculars on the left to enter an address on the right.

Click here for iInformation on how to request a defensible space inspection.

Here’s a homeowner’s checklist to make your home fire safe.

Evacuation orders were issued for neighborhoods in Laguna Niguel as the Coastal Fire spreads through hillside neighborhoods.

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