TechCrunch Startup Battlefield is expanding. The tech ecosystem has grown exponentially in size and possibility since the early days of Startup Battlefield and it’s time that we grow along with it. That’s why we’re proud to announce TechCrunch Startup Battlefield 200, a new era of our exciting startup community competition.

Showcasing global founders

This October, TechCrunch will host a curated cohort of 200 startups at TC Disrupt 2022. The competition will be fierce. If selected out of the thousands of applications, startups will receive full access to the show, exclusive workshops, training, perks and free exhibition space on the show floor for all three days. All selected founders will get the opportunity to flash-pitch in front of investors and TechCrunch Editors.

Out of the Startup Battlefield 200, 20 companies will be selected as Startup Battlefield Finalists. 

As always, the finalists will pitch on the Disrupt main stage in front of the entire TC audience, receive private pitch coaching and be featured on TechCrunch. The winner snags the $100,000 prize and all the glory.

We want to be clear about a couple of things that set Startup Battlefield apart from the, well, field.

It’s 100% free to apply and to participate.

As always, TechCrunch does not require any equity from any contestants or the winner. 

Individual companies will only have one way to exhibit at Disrupt — apply for TechCrunch Startup Battlefield 200. The only way to be a Startup Battlefield Finalist is to be selected for Startup Battlefield 200! 

You need to apply here. The deadline is July 31. Acceptances will start rolling out July 1.

Why expand Startup Battlefield

Since the first TC50, the Startup Battlefield program selected cohorts of about 20 startups for each event. The selected companies have received special training, free exhibition space and the chance to pitch on the main stage at Disrupt for the $100,000 prize.

Because of the format, it was an impossibly difficult task to winnow down, and we have passed on some incredibly exciting and very investable companies that we would have loved to included. This new program lets more startups participate in the Startup Battlefield program and still receive the benefits. 

Yes, this means that if you are selected as a part of the Startup Battlefield 200, you will not have to pay to exhibit on the show floor at Disrupt

Young companies trying to stretch their seed round won’t have to pay to play to get in the room, they just need to have a great company and apply now, right here.

This feels more intense, more organic and more fair, all things that we associate with TechCrunch Startup Battlefield and, ideally, with the startup life. No more pay to play for individual founders.

How to become a part of TechCrunch Startup Battlefield 200

The process is simple. Just apply here. Note: Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, so get your application in ASAP. Starting this year, apply for all of TechCrunch’s events with one application. Apply once and select the events that best suit your startup. Companies that fit our cohort profile should:

  • Be an early-stage startup.
  • Have a minimally viable product.
  • Represent any vertical.
  • Represent any geography.
  • Have step-function innovation in your vertical.
  • Be bootstrapped or have pre-scale funding (variable by industry).

We’re thrilled with the changes to Startup Battlefield this year and hope you’ll apply.

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