Seeing Scheana and her nearly-1-old daughter, Summer is more difficult now that she and her fiancé, Brock Davies, live in San Diego. “She’s always welcome and invited to everything,” Brittany clarified. “I hate whenever people are like, ‘Why isn’t Scheana or Summer ever there?’ She’s just not in town. But I love Scheana and Summer so much, and I just love that we all have each other. It’s really awesome.”

As for the rest of the Vanderpump Rules cast, “I want the best for everybody,” Brittany added. This even includes Jax’s former best friend Tom Sandoval, though he admittedly wasn’t invited to Cruz’s party. “They don’t not like each other,” she said of Jax and Tom, “but they’re just not very close anymore.” 

Tom Schwartz, on the other hand, was at the birthday bash—as was his ex, Katie Maloney. “We’re rallying around both of them, honestly,” Brittany said of the recently split couple. “And Katie wants that; she is very open and she loves Tom still. She just she wants it to be very easy. They are still friends and are still hanging out and stuff as well.”

To get an inside look at the party, check out the exclusive gallery below.

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