The Animal Well player character is in a room with a wavy line on the wall above them and a contextual interaction that reads "adjust lever" on the bottom of the screen.

Screenshot: Shared Memory / Kotaku

Animal Well is a very puzzle-driven game, and solving those puzzles often requires creative use of the items in your inventory. However, Animal Well also contains some standalone brainteasers that even a full set of tools can’t overcome. Take, for instance, the three-lever wave chart puzzle you’ll encounter in the bottom-right quadrant of the map. You’ll see a line on the wall alongside three dots, and you must use the levers beneath it to manipulate the shape of the line.

As you might have guessed, you’ll solve this puzzle by adjusting the line so it passes through the three dots on the wall. Fortunately, you don’t have to get the line exactly through each dot; as long as you see each dot light up, it counts. The middle and right levers will manipulate the intensity of the line itself, while the left lever will wholesale move the line vertically.

The trick here is that you have to imagine what shape the line needs to be to hit all three lights at once. If, for example, you just try to pass through the first light, you may undo that work by the time you manipulate the line to hit the third light. Fortunately, you can adjust the levers to make the wave straightforwardly pass through the three lights in a gradual slope shape. Thinking of it that way may make the solution easier to visualize.

If you’re just sick of this puzzle and want the solution spelled out for you, check out the image below:

The Animal Well player character stands near three levers, with a line on the wall above them.

Screenshot: Shared Memory / Kotaku

Note the position of the levers at the bottom. You’ll want to position the left lever towards the bottom, and the middle lever should be tilted up. The right lever should be tilted slightly up, but remain relatively close to the center.

With the gate opened, you can open the treasure chest and obtain the Jade Egg.

But what’s with that fish head on the right side of the room?

Good question! If you’re still early in the game, you might be done here for now. However, if you find an item that blows bubbles, maybe the fish head will react in some way. Consider leaving yourself a reminder to check back here later on in your adventure.

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