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As per Verified Market Research, the corporate eLearning market was valued at $250 billion in 2020. At a CAGR of 21% from 2021 to 2028, it is projected to reach 1133.38 billion by 2028 [1]. This northbound graph underlines the benefits of an online learning platform. Increased employee productivity and revenue for the company are some of the key benefits. Here are some facts that suggest that a winsome corporate training solution can be carved out using a learning platform.

As per the Research Institute of America, eLearning increases the retention rates from anything between 25 to 60%. In comparison, the retention rates of face-to-face training were as low as 8 to 10%. Additionally, a Brandon Hall study showed that eLearning required 40 to 60% less employee time compared to the classroom setting [2].

Here are a few ways a learning platform can empower the lives of learners.

Bite-Sized Microlearning Modules

The attention span wavers from person to person depending on various factors, and one of them is the way the content is presented. An engrossing movie or a book can keep people hooked for hours. Alternatively, they can also get detached from dull content within seconds.

When it comes to corporate learning, standalone content that focuses on a particular learning objective keeps the attention span high. In this context, Bob Pike’s 90-20-8 rule gains significance. For a good training strategy, a long course of, say, 90 minutes broken into 20 to 30-minute modules and interspersed with interactivity every four to eight minutes. One can author bite-sized motivating modules on an efficient learning platform.


Interactive templates of an efficient online learning platform enhance the experiential quotient of the learner, thereby keeping the attention curve narrow. These templates can be used to involve the learners by asking them their opinion. Additionally, they are implemented for pre- and post-learning assessments. In fact, the flow of content can be directed through the learner’s actions, making the course highly motivating.


When one relates to a situation, it reduces the learner’s cognitive load. This, in turn, increases the ability to grasp the matter faster. A scenario can be built as a second-person conversation. Alternatively, it can be narrated through the play of concise text and rich visuals.

A dynamic learning platform prevents overloading of the working memory by presenting the content in an engaging manner.


Gamification elements on the learning platform bring about a behavioral change by augmenting the emotional quotient. The fun aspect of gamification increases the release of feel-good hormones that induce actions that give satisfaction. This helps in better reinforcement and retention of knowledge. Features like scores, badges, awards, and leaderboards keep the spirits high.


A competent learning framework is a good listener. It supports a learning journey punctuated by discussions, surveys, and feedback to assess the progress of the corporate training strategy. This in turn helps to streamline and improve the final learning outcome.


A dynamic, empowering, competent, and effective learning platform is critical for achieving a company’s training goals. Enrich your corporate training strategy using the learning platform KREDO. Build a culture of learning by creating dynamic courses for an unparalleled learning experience with this solution—simple to create, smart to express, effortless to learn.

Tesseract Learning’s learning platform makes delivering hybrid learning programs effective and easy. Today, it is a guide, a support system, and an integrator for many organizations. Our creation went beyond saving costs, working on profit margins, and managing teams. A learning platform making a profound impact across business verticals and industries is essential, and this platform is an evolving intervention that keeps shifting gears in a manner that makes your journey sustainable. It is a confluence of technology and communication, creativity and simplicity, purpose and fun, individual empowerment, and corporate excellence.

When you make the right training decisions and choose the right learning platform, your business, both locally and worldwide, will enjoy the real benefits through a workforce that can work from home or work from the office and still keep upskilling.

If creating a culture of learning in your organization is your priority, contact me or leave a comment below.


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[2] LMS 101: Rethinking Your Approach To Employee Training

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KREDO is Tesseract Learning’s answer to having a successful learning journey, where the learner ends up doing more and learning more in a much lesser span of time through exciting and continuous learning journeys.

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