We’re always intrigued and inspired by how industry insiders define their capsule wardrobes. Jennifer Sattler is one expert stylist who’s always filled with thoughtful style ideas thanks to 22 years of fashion experience. She spent years at Nordstrom and currently runs Closet Choreography, so she’s a pro at building versatile wardrobes with pieces that can be mixed and matched to create a range of standout outfits. On that note, we asked her to share her specific travel capsule wardrobe.

There are actually eight key pieces Sattler packs to ensure she’s able to create a variety of ensembles for different occasions. (For example, she always packs a blazer that she can dress up or down.) Keep scrolling to check out Sattler’s capsule wardrobe, complete with testimonials and inspired shopping picks in case you want to test out this wardrobe for yourself.

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