Anyone who follows Latto knows that her beauty looks are equally on point. Her makeup might seem professionally done, but she actually did all of her own makeup for her 777 tour. Although, she hadn’t planned to.

When she first found out her makeup artist was unavailable, she panicked, but it quickly proved to be a relaxing ritual. “It was very therapeutic before the shows,” she says. “Just doing the whole look in my head, matching the outfit with the makeup, and then coordinating that with the hair, it was super fun. I started getting real fancy and started playing with colors and rhinestones.” 

If she’s feeling bold, she’ll opt for a statement look, like vibrant, showstopping neon eyeliner. If she wants to channel a more laid-back vibe, she’ll keep it simple. But one thing always grounds her look: her signature glossy nude lip. She admits she’s particular about her lips and always uses the same MAC lip combo (a liner, a lipstick, and a gloss on top) to achieve the reflective dusty-rose pout she’s known for.

As for her hair, being best friends with your stylist makes the process more collaborative. Right now, the swoop—a style defined by sweeping the front part of your hair in a deep side part and slicking it down for hold—has her in a choke hold. She says it serves as the perfect performance style, delivering both control and movement.

Latto’s looks have become a part of who she is, and fans can always count on the rapper to give major beauty and outfit inspiration. “I feel the most confident when the look is just a 10,” she says. “When I look good, I feel good, and that’s why I’m so particular about my glam.”

With spot-on glam, a formidable stage presence, and a slew of chart-topping songs already under her belt as she finds her footing in the mainstream music scene, Latto has all the makings of a hip-hop star. As the rapper continues to break barriers, one thing is clear: Right now, she’s seeing sevens across the board.

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