House of Dank is preparing to host “House Parties” at each of their eight locations for the canna-culture holiday: 4.20! With massive deals, giveaways, and loads of swag waiting to welcome consumers and patients alike.

In a true Willy Wonka fashion, H.O.D. is giving everyone the chance to win up to $10,000 by finding a golden ticket in any H.O.D. branded pre-packed eighth. 20 golden tickets were randomly placed in the flower bags, if you’re lucky enough to find one in your purchase, you win $500 cash!

House of Dank has been an integral part of the Metro Detroit Cannabis Industry and culture since 2015. They continue to support local businesses, artists, and suppliers. H.O.D. continues to give back to the community by pledging profits and donations to local charities. As well as supporting organizations such as the Black & Brown Cannabis Guild by sponsoring and supporting expungement and other community-benefiting events.

Chief Corporate Officer, Mike DiLaura, speaks on H.O.D. supporting the surrounding communities, “We want to support our communities to the best of our abilities. Not only monetarily but by bringing people together, celebrating together is just another way for H.O.D. to reach out. That is what this holiday is all about!”

The now widely celebrated cannabis holiday, 4.20, came to fruition after a group of students would meet to spark up after a long day of classes at a California college. No one is sure how this seemingly insignificant meeting time became so far-reaching over the years, but it is celebrated across the country and world.

House of Dank looks forward to celebrating the holiday with their communities next Wednesday.

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