Which Topics Will Pique Readers’ Interest?

Writing guest posts is one of the best ways to build your personal brand and establish your niche expertise. But which topics will draw readers in? Today we’re showcasing 5 hot topics that will create a buzz in the eLearning community.

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5 Topics To Consider For Your eLearning Guest Post

1. Innovative Ways To Audio In eLearning

Audio is one of the most cost-effective ways to spruce up eLearning courses and improve interactivity. But modern learners are looking for something a bit more engaging and entertaining than good old-fashioned audio snippets and sound effects. How can Instructional Designers fully leverage audio-based media to take learners from passive observers to active participants and improve knowledge retention?

2. In-House eLearning Marketing

Promotion isn’t reserved for the marketing department. Your L&D team must also get employees actively involved in training and raise awareness for new educational opportunities. How can organizations market their courses internally to increase participation rates and engagement among their remote or hybrid workforces?

3. Adjacent Skill Building

Adjacent skills are talents or competencies that are closely related to ones that they already possess. How can online training help to strengthen these tie-in skills? Are there adjacent skill-building activities that organizations can deploy to upskill and reskill their employees?

4. eLearning Data Security

Data security isn’t just a matter of compliance. Whether you’re selling an online course or implementing L&D programs for your team, every learner needs to know that their sensitive data is safe from prying eyes. What measures can organizations take to prevent breaches and create a secure learning environment?

5. Learning Psychology

What are the brain facts behind meaningful learning experiences? Which behavioral psychology principles should Instructional Designers know about? It’s time to dive into the psychology of how learners assimilate information, what motivates them, and why they gravitate toward certain activities versus others.

Wrapping Up

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