This year at TC Sessions: Mobility 2022, we’ll be chatting with Holoride co-founder and CEO Nils Wollny. The company is set to start shipping its in-auto VR experience in production Audi cars and SUVs this year, and Wollny will be able to provide us with more details about that pending launch.

Wollny will also be offering more insight into Holoride delving into the world of crypto, and developing its own utility token for its virtual experiences. The company has put a lot of thought into its business model, and has been very explicit about its intent to not pursue an ad-supported revenue plan. Wollny will talk about how the crypto plans for Holoride work relative to that core commitment and the business overall.

We’ll also talk on the changing environment for VR in general, including the advent of “The Metaverse,” as well as rules that could pave the way for people in self-driving cars to legally be able to consume entertainment content on the road while in motion, even with no driver at the wheel.

Virtual reality has come a long way even in just the few short years since Audi spun out Holoride and it made its debut as an independent company at CES in 2019. Now, on the verge of its production vehicle debut, Wollny will give us a glimpse into what kind of future the startup is about to deliver.

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