There are myriad side quests in Dragon’s Dogma 2. Many of them require you to channel your inner Sherlock Holmes, as Capcom’s latest high-fantasy RPG doesn’t always like showing you how to complete missions. One such quest is “Prey for the Pack,” which has an objective that demands a bit more critical thinking than you might expect. But don’t worry, here’s a quick guide on how to finish that mission.

To start Prey for the Pack, you’ll need to head to Checkpoint Rest Town, a little village situated to the southwest of Vernworth. It’s a far-ass trek that’s well worth it, considering how much gold and XP you can earn along the way, but if you want to get there with the quickness, you can take an oxcart from Vernworth’s westside station. Once you’re there, stop by Morris’s Apothecary in the middle of Checkpoint Rest Town. This will trigger some dialogue, with the stumpy Morris begging you to find his grandson Rodge who’s “gone missing.” That is, he’s been kidnapped by a hungry wolf pack, so yes, like much of Dragon’s Dogma 2, this is a quest that’s affected by time. If you don’t get to him, well, he’s wolf food.

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My Mystic Spearhand stands in front of a bed of moonglow flowers in Dragon's Dogma 2.

Screenshot: Capcom / Kotaku

After chatting up Morris and pledging to help find Rodge before he finds his way into a wolf’s stomach, you’ll be tasked with gathering information on the boy’s whereabouts. You need to speak to Alsa, a young woman, and Timothy, a young man, both of whom have details on where Rodge might be. But to get the next objective in the quest, you really want to speak to Jacint, an elderly lady located near the oxcart station in the north side of Checkpoint Rest Town. All three villagers will mention Rodge’s affinity with flowers, with Jacint talking about a “beautiful flowerbed” on the outskirts of town. You’ll want to make for the flowerbed, so head east as if you’re going back toward Vernworth.

My Mystic Spearhand stands in front of several beds of moonglow flowers in Dragon's Dogma 2.

Screenshot: Capcom / Kotaku

When you leave, you’ll take the main road, but what you’re looking for are blue flowerbeds that line the ground. This, essentially, is the path you’re following. (It’s OK if you pick the flowers, too.) At any rate, you’re just going to follow the flowerbeds. Cross a narrow bridge here, pass through a short tunnel there, making sure to ignore any campsites you see because, again, Rodge will die if you waste time. Keep following the path, keeping an eye out for blue flowerbeds and lingering wolves in the area, and eventually you’ll reach the Putrid Cave. This is where Rodge has been dragged away.

My Mystic Spearhand stands in front of the Putrid Cave entrance in Dragon's Dogma 2.

Screenshot: Capcom / Kotaku

Now that you’re in the Putrid Cave, it’s time to find Rodge. You’ll find him cowering against a wall as wolves surround him with salivating snouts. Your job is simple here: Murder those wolves. Once that’s done and your blades are bloody, speak to Rodge and then you’ll be tasked with escorting him back to Checkpoint Rest Town. You don’t have an oxcart here, so unfortunately, you are hoofing it. Good luck with that, especially since it’s likely that Rodge will fall behind or get lost. You’ll want to keep close tabs on him. When you do get back to the village, you’ll take him to his grandpapa Morris at the Apothecary, listen to some dialogue, and boom. Quest done. Now you get to bask in the spoils: two Miracle Roborant healing items and 11,000 gold, plus 4,000 experience points that should give you and your Pawn a level. Nice!

I’ve seen people online say that completing the quest at night makes it easier, as the blue flowerbeds you’re looking for glow when darkness takes over the sky. I finished the quest during my two-hour preview with Dragon’s Dogma 2 in early March while the sun was still beaming down from above, so it’s possible to knock it out in either time interval. Personally, if doing it again I’d do it in the dark, simply because of the freaks that come out at night which give you even more opportunities to grind for more XP, but daytime does make the journey way less precarious. Either way, Prey for the Pack is one of the easier quests when you know what to look for. Good luck out there, Arisen.


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