Though it’s been called eclectic, unique and unapparelled, downtown Hattiesburg is a place that is not easily summed up by¬†simple adjectives.

Home to restaurants, retail shops, public art displays and galleries, there is no shortage of activity downtown these days, but that wasn’t always the case.

Downtown has seen an ebb and flow of development, but the people who live and work there believe this time is different.

“I’ve always heard people say ‘Downtown takes two steps forward and three steps back.’ This time, there’s not going to be two steps back. I’m confident of that,” said downtown resident and property owner Harry Goff.

That’s thanks to a tight-knit community of residents, business owners and entrepreneurs who believe in investing in downtown Hattiesburg.

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The Myrick family

From top left: Daniel Myrick, Mike Myrick, Michael Myrick, and Lewis "Lew" Myrick III, are the operators of the family-owned Economy Supply store in downtown Hattiesburg, Miss. Established in 1941, the building supply store has been run by the family for generations. Not pictured: Lewis Myric Sr., Lewis Myrick Jr., Lance Myrick, and Jimmy Myrick. Wednesday, April 6, 2022.

Economy Supply, owned by the Myrick family, is known as the downtown go-to for anything from cutting a key to picking up a box of nails.

Co-owner Lewis “Lew” Myrick said the 81-year-old, fourth-generation family business is also¬†a place to greet old friends and make new connections.

“It’s a neat place to pick up what’s coming forward because everybody comes here to get 2x4s when they’re working downtown,” Myrick said.¬†“Even though it’s dirty and out of the way ‚Ķ it’s a really good place to run into a cross-section of everyone in Hattiesburg.

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