It isn’t every day that Hailey Bieber wears something that I can immediately be influenced to buy. Sure, I want her Loewe extra-padded bomber and every Saint Laurent dress she’s ever worn, but unfortunately, my budget doesn’t exactly have a section for Bieber-induced spending, at least not when the prices are in the four digits. Her latest look, however, is almost too easy (and cheap) to copy, specifically when it comes to her choice of hair accessory. 

Over the weekend, Bieber posted a slideshow to her Instagram with a simple caption of just two yellow hearts. In the grouping, she can be seen hiking and lounging around wearing a white, stretch headband not dissimilar to the ones practically every tween owns in dozens of different colors. Naturally, I got excited upon seeing the affordable accessory on the model, leading me to head straight to Amazon to search for similar headbands. And as luck would have it, I found an Amazon listing with nearly 10,000 reviews that offers 10 almost-identical styles on sale for $12. *Purchases immediately.* 

Scroll down to see how Bieber styled her affordable hair accessory and shop my $12 pick. 

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