GREENWOOD, Ind. — Shoppers returned to the Greenwood Park Mall today, nearly 36 hours after Sunday’s deadly mass shooting. Survivors were also able to collect their belongings today.

For those in the food court when the gunfire erupted, they were able to pick up their stuff at the Greenwood Police Training Center. For all the others, they could come and collect their items at the mall.

Hundreds of people came to the mall today, but one person who only hopes to feel safe entering any mall in the future is survivor Bryanna Murray.

Murray went to the Greenwood Park Mall with her mom Sunday for what they thought would be a quick trip.

“We were inside Buckle and I was checking out, and she said she was going to go across the hall to Dry Goods,” Murray said.

Standing at the counter around 6pm, she knew something was not right when she heard people stampeding by.

“I looked back at the cashier and then I looked back again and I just took off,” Murray said. “I didn’t know whether I was going to get to an exit to outside.”

Fortunately, her husband and young children were right outside the door.

“Once I did get outside, I realized my mom was still in and she wasn’t in the store that I was at,” Murray said.

Her mom was inside the Dry Goods store for 2.5 hours, and Bryanna said she had no idea what would happen moment by moment.

“They were unsure if their door was locked where they were at,” Murray said. “So they didn’t know what if the gunman was in the room with them.”

Murray did go back to work yesterday but called off today.

“I do work at a bank so I felt like every time the door opened, it was like immediate, you know, I’m worrying if something were to happen,” Murray described.

She said eventually she may talk to a therapist. For now, it’s difficult to wrap her mind around what actually happened. Her mom called her right after yesterday’s news conference.

“She said, ‘Did you know that when we had went to the restrooms, he was in the stalls just on the other side of the wall,’” Murray said. “So, it broke her and it broke me obviously.”

Clinicians say it is normal to feel with withdrawn or anxious after a traumatic event. Eskenazi Health’s Legacy House Clinical Supervisor advises people to get enough sleep and eat healthy foods.

“We should do the things that we used to enjoy, even if we don’t feel like doing them right away,” Caroline Mathis added. “Getting back into a routine can be really helpful.”

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