PIERRE – Homecourt was a good court Tuesday for Pierre Governor Boys Tennis.

The Governors picked up 8-1 wins against Huron and Spearfish at Griffin Park.

All of the top five flighted singles players for Pierre won two matches.  Matthew Hanson, Blake Judson, Matyas Pribyl, Luke Leingang and Spencer Kelly won twice.  Hanson/Judson and Leingang/Kelly won twice in doubles, with the team of Pribyl and Crew Heier winning one match and the team of Heier and Devin Dodson winning another.

Pierre players listed first

Pierre 8, Huron 1
#1 Singles: Matthew Hanson def. Roger Puterbaugh, 10-7
#2 Singles: Blake Judson def. Hay Klu Moo Taw, 10-3
#3 Singles: Matyas Pribyl def. Dah Christ, 10-4
#4 Singles: Luke Leingang def. Lauy Kue Say, 10-4
#5 Singles: Spencer Kelly def. Lah Doh Soe, 10-9 (7-3)
#6 Singles: Josh Ryckman lost to Moo Gay, 10-5
#1 Doubles: Hanson/Judson def. Puterbaugh/Taw. 10-6
#2 Doubles: Leingang/Kelly def. Christ/Soe, 10-2
#3 Doubles: Pribyl/Crew Heier def. Soe/Her N Wah, 10-7

Pierre 8, Spearfish 1
#1 Singles: Hanson def. Ty Sieber, 10-2
#2 Singles: Judson def. Rudy Isburg, 10-2
#3 Singles: Pribyl def. Bridget Meyer, 10-7
#4 Singles: Leingang def. Lucas Rodgers, 10-0
#5 Singles: Kelly def. Leo Isburg, 10-1
#6 Singles: Ryckman lost to Shaun Cota, 10-8
#1 Doubles: Hanson/Judson def. Meyer/Rodgers, 10-3
#2 Doubles: Leingang/Kelly def. Sieber/R. Isburg, 10-5
#3 Doubles: Heier/Dodson def. L. Isburg/Cota, 10-0

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