Sometimes the experience of a place is in the location. Other times, it’s in the sights and sounds, or the tastes and smells. If you’re lucky, you’ll find a combination of all of the above. In the case of the Alchemy Bar On Rock by Chi.Arch, you might find a new favorite. 

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A wooden structure next to rows of solar panels

The establishment looks like it could be a cabana bar, and in part it is. Not quite a hut on a beach in the Bahamas, it carries that vibe to its location near the water in Ninh Hoa, Vietnam. Alchemy Bar On Rock is actually a series of small huts, each adorned in natural materials and gifted an open air atmosphere. 

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Two wooden structures that are built alongside a cliff

The structures are built into the contours of the hillside for minimal site impact. Similarly, the surrounding landscape is mostly untouched. The location overlooks the sea, organic garden and solar farm.  

An interior bar area with open flooring plans

The restaurant and bar serve customers food and drinks in the multilevel dining area. Thatched roofs protect guests from the elements without interfering with sunset views. Alchemy Bar also provides a unique experience where guests can mix their own essential oils. 

An outdoor shaded seating area

The goal of Alchemy Bar On Rock is to embrace the natural surroundings. With this in mind, the interior design dotes on wood as a primary material. It also honors the local culture with the traditional style of architecture. In addition to a desire to maintain a natural and customary style, the build was limited by its location since it’s a challenging and remote spot for delivering materials.

An outdoor seating area

“The construction team took a lot of time to carry out the work even though the scale was not large,” stated a press release on the project. “The building uses most of the local materials, from wood for the entire main structure and flooring, coarse-grained sand for the construction of granite floors, coconut leaf roofs and natural monoliths for walkways… to the furniture, tables and chairs, all handmade by local craftsmen.” 

Working around existing rocks and trees without disturbing them added additional challenges, but the team feels it adds to the natural appeal. 

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Photography by Thanh Pham

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