NASHVILLE – The NHL needs to commission an investigation to determine if Cale Makar is human.

My theory? He’s a hockey god, imbued with greatness directly by the hand of Bobby Orr, put on this earth to toy with muggles like the Nashville Predators.

“He might be the best player in the league right now. The way he dominates from the back end is amazing,” teammate Nathan MacKinnon said Monday, after Makar led the Avs to a 5-3 victory over Nashville and a four-game sweep in their opening-round playoff series. “This playoffs, he’s taken another step.”

In four games against the poor, pathetic pussycats from Nashvegas, Makar produced 10 points. In the entire history of the NHL, no defenseman, from Orr to Paul Coffey, has ever started the postseason on a hotter four-game tear.

When the Predators threw everything and the kitchen sink at Makar, none of it stopping him from being the most dominant player on the ice. The low-rent, low-brow fans of Nashvegas pelted the 23-year-old Avalanche star with something else in the final minutes of the third period of Game 4.

“People were throwing Skittles at me during play,” Makar said. “I’m not too sure why.”

Skittles? Was candy supposed to be an offering to this young hockey god?

“It was just like in the last minute of the game. A couple Skittles were hitting me. They don’t have Smarties in the States, I don’t think,” said Makar, a native of Calgary. “So it must have been Skittles.”

There are bad songs about beer and pick-up trucks written in Music City every day of the week that drone on longer than the Predators led in this playoff series. While being swept away in four games, Nashville was ahead on the scoreboard for a grand total of 4 minutes, 57 seconds.

“Any time you get a chance to end a team’s season, you take it and run,” said Makar, who crushed a shot from the blue line for a goal in the second period and assisted on two other Colorado scores.

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