INDIANAPOLIS — Indy residents will have the opportunity to see a doctor, dentist or vision expert for free this week downtown at Lucas Oil Stadium.

Non-profit organization Pathway to Health is sponsoring a medical, dental and eye care clinic until Wednesday of this week. Over 2,500 medical professionals and volunteers are operating the clinic, which is entirely free.

Those looking for medical care at the event do not need insurance or even an ID to get in. The only requirements are just visiting Lucas Oil when they are open and registering for a spot.

“At that point you’re going to go through medical triage just as if you were going into the hospital,” Ivan Golubic, president & CEO of Pathway to Health, said. “We’re going to check your blood pressure, we’re going to test certain things and from there on direct you to the specialized care you were looking for.”

The group will also offer other services such as haircuts, clothing and even showers for those who need them. The event will be open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day through Wednesday, but organizers said they advise to get there early because the service is first come first serve.


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