Friends say it is difficult to come back to Rosie’s Dog Beach after a deadly shooting killed a talented fire spinner and performer there Tuesday night, but they’re easing the pain through music.

Less than 24 hours ago, Justin Morris, 27, who they knew as “Fluffy,” was tragically gunned down.

“He had multiple parts in our conclave,” said Molly Ferrall, a friend. “We were so lucky to have him a part of our family.”

Ferrall says the group practices at the popular beach every Tuesday night.

She says they had just wrapped up recording a video for the upcoming Burning Man Festival and about to leave the parking lot.

“There was cars. There was a car driving really fast, back and forth, and the driver was a little agitated when we asked him to slow down. When he came back he had three of his friends with him.”

Morris’ friends say several men got into an altercation with their group, and then those men opened fire, shooting and killing Morris. When police arrived to the scene after 10:30, the gunman or gunmen had taken off.

Investigators do not have a clear description.

Evidence markers and shattered glass surrounded the area where Morris was found.

“When the paramedics arrived they didn’t leave with him he had no chance,” said David Amaya, a friend.

Morris’ friends say the senseless and violent way he died goes against everything their fire conclave believes. They say they promote peace and positivity.

“This is not what we are about at all,” Amaya said. “People come here all the time to watch us spin. “We’ve kinda grown a following out here.”

They believe Morris was killed trying to protect the people he loved.

“He was trying to get everyone out of there,” Ferrall said. “He really was a hero. He was doing his best to get all of his friends safe and get out there. We were packing up all of our stuff, knew something was going to happen. He didn’t get out of there in time.”

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