Looking for some fun Father’s Day gift ideas that you can use in the classroom? This list is perfect for dads or any grownup.

Fathers Day and Donuts with Dad Gift Ideas MDCFathers Day and Donuts with Dad Gift Ideas MDC

Father’s Day and Donuts with Dad days are two great ways for teachers to show their students how important it is to recognize the role of dads in our lives. It’s an opportunity to express appreciation and gratitude for all that fathers do, whether they are biological dads or someone who has stepped up as a father figure in a child’s life.

For these special occasions, teachers can help their students come up with meaningful gifts and activities that will make dads feel appreciated. From handmade cards featuring heartfelt messages of love and gratitude to fun outdoor activities or simple donut-filled breakfasts, there are plenty of creative ideas for celebrating fathers in the classroom.

10 Gift Ideas for Dads

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Barbecue Spice Rubs

Create a spice rub for dad and put it in small, cute jars. Add a gift tag, and you’re ready to go! Dads will love it, and your students will get great practice with measuring!


Pick up some birdhouse crafting kits that kids and their grownups can complete together. It’s a fun way to help build memories for dads and their children.

Cardboard Ties

Cut some cardboard or cardstock into the shape of ties and let children and their fathers decorate them. When they’re done, punch two holes in the top and thread elastic cord through it so dad can actually wear it!

Tile Coasters

White tiles make the perfect canvas for a handprint or thumbprint coaster! Have the student and their dad create a design together and label it “Dad’s Coaster”. Don’t forget to spray-coat it to protect the paint!

Best Pop

Grab some white koozies and let students draw on them with permanent markers. Add a can of soda to them when they’re done and a tag that says, “Thanks for being the best Pop!”

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Key Chains

There are a variety of ways to make keychains that would be perfect for gifts for dads! Use beads and string, or even get photo keychain blanks that kids can decorate. Dad is sure to love them!

Car Derby

Get students and dads to decorate plain wooden cars with paint, markers, glitter, stickers, and more! Then, when they’re finished, have a race to see which car is the fastest!


Aprons are another great gift option for dads! Plain white or natural color aprons work best for fabric paint or decorating with permanent markers.

Jar of Snacks

Save old pasta sauce jars and have students paint them. They can paint the entire jar, around the bottom of the jar, or add a design all over. When the jars are dry, spray-coat them to seal in the paint and protect the artwork. Then fill the jars with candy to give to the dads!

Donut Magnets

Cut a donut shape out of cardboard and let students and their dads decorate them with construction paper, paint, markers, etc., to look like a donut. Then, snap a photo of dad and the student, print it out, and glue it to the center of the decorated donut. Add a strip of magnet to the back, and you have an adorable donut magnet that dads will be proud to display!

Alternative to Donuts with Dads

While the idea behind a Donuts with Dads event is a kind one, for students who have lost their father or who do not have a father figure in their lives, it can be a painful reminder of what they’re missing. Instead of calling the event “Donuts with Dads” consider “Donuts with Grownups” instead.

Hosting an event like Donuts with Grownups can be a great way for teachers to create a sense of community and foster relationships with all of the adults who love the children in their classrooms. By inviting all grownups, regardless of gender or parental status, to attend the event, teachers will ensure that no one feels excluded or left out.

Having more adults present at such an event provides more opportunities for positive interactions between students and adults as well as amongst each other. It also sends a message to the children that everyone is welcome and valued in their classroom environment. In this way, Donuts with Grownups could be an effective tool for creating strong connections within the school community. The list of activities above is perfect Father’s Day gift ideas that work for any adult in a student’s life.

Father’s Day is a great time to let your students create some fun crafts that will stay with dad forever! These Father’s Day gift ideas are perfect for any father or parental figure in your students’ lives. Have fun helping them make memories together!


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