Former Deputy Attorney General for the Environmental Division, Jeffery Clark, spent his Thursday evening playing the victim, crying to Tucker Carlson about the “stasi-like” raid on his home the day prior, on Wednesday, a raid few knew about until news trickled out Thursday. The self-pity and utter obliviousness to context fit. As the nation learned yesterday, this was the one attorney among those in the White House Counsel’s Office and others at DOJ who was willing to betray his country to appease Trump. Of course, he’d be the one playing the victim as the nation still sat stunned over earlier testimony about Clark’s craven, un-American effort to pull off Trump’s coup.

The obvious “safe spot” for any Trump-alum victim is Tucker Carlon’s show where they passed over all references to any testimony. Tucker provided a one-sentence summary, Jeffery Clark merely wanted an “investigation into voter fraud.” No, yesterday’s witnesses set out that there was clearly no fraud but much more damningly, Trump didn’t care if DOJ found any fraud. Trump only wanted a letter stating there was.

Carlson, who in the past has acted as Putin’s mouthpiece, called the raid “Soviet.” Fitting.

Clark, pouted, “It is,” ignoring the fact that a willingness to do anything to keep the party in power is the definition of “Soviet” or contemporary Russian, take one’s pick.

The interview veered into Lewis Carroll territory when Carlson complained that DOJ had become “politicized,” Tucker asked: “At what point can we say the Department of Justice, where you once served, is a political instrument, it’s completely out of control?”

A neutral American would say the transition was complete when Bill Barr cleaned up the Mueller report for Trump and continued right through to Clark’s willingness to sign a letter stating that DOJ found fraud in the 2020 election. Instead, Clark said:

“Yeah, I think this is highly politicized and it’s also part, Tucker if you didn’t know it, of a nationwide effort yesterday. There were multiple states where multiple people were roughly simultaneously raided for their electronic devices. And that obviously requires a high level of coordination.”

Correct. The nation now knows the details regarding the criminal attempt to send “alternate electors” to Washington and once one decides to prosecute those conspirators willing to go along with the plan, it takes a highly coordinated effort. Law-abiding citizens would expect no less.

Clark continued his remarkably oblivious and ironic statement:

“I just think we’re living in an era that I don’t recognize and increasingly, Tucker, I don’t recognize the country anymore with these Stasi-like things happening.”

Tucker then noted the one factually true portion of the segment and it is chilling:

“Yeah, this is Stalinist. At some point, somebody’s gonna fight back and it’s going to get super ugly. I pray that it doesn’t happen but I think it probably will.”

Carlson is already fighting back. It is already ugly. The attempt to keep Trump in power despite a legitimate loss in a fair election was the most “Stalinist” act in this country since before there was a Stalin. Indeed, given Tucker’s past history as a Putin apologist, one wonders if Tucker is actively fanning the flames and pushing propaganda. Yesterday’s hearing exposed Jeffery Clark as one of the most dangerous people inside Trump’s inner conspiratorial circle, someone willing to do “anything,” no matter how dangerous or plainly illegal, to get around an election.

Clark could have spent the day and evening talking to DOJ, attempting to work out some kind of deal – though, yes, it is a little late but better late than never. Instead, he chose to go on Tucker and play the victim, under which the chyron read, “DOJ raids home of former Trump employee.”

And that is the entire problem.

Clark worked for the United States, within the Department of Justice. Only a Stalinist or someone in Putin’s government works as an employee of “the leader.”


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