Let’s be honest. The only way to know if a trend is really happening is to check social media. Sure, we can scour the runway for the biggest handbag trends or find the best designer bags to buy, but nothing holds a candle to the power of peer approval in the form of someone purchasing the It bag of the moment. And when it comes to approving what trends are worth actually buying into, no one is quite as influential as the French fashion set. Call it cliché, but before a trend can pop off on TikTok, it’s most likely going to emerge on the streets of Paris—c’est la vie. 

So when it comes to discerning which handbag trends are likely to take over, you must first keep an eye out for what’s coming out of luxury French houses as well as what ends up being donned by French women. It’s not always easy, which is why I’ve done the heavy lifting for you and highlighted five bag trends that are trending in the Parisian fashion scene right now. These purses not only dominated various spring/summer collections but are also worth buying into, even if you don’t live in Paris.

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