While scholarship and the busyness of academia have ebbed and flowed during the last few years in response to pandemic interruptions, Dr. Kevin Hsieh’s efforts and research have remained constant. Hsieh, who just this year was promoted to full professorship, has been mentoring Art Education students, authoring publications, and working on a grant-funded educational program with the Drew Charter School. Most summers, he leads a group of Art & Design students on a study-abroad trip to China. Recently, Professor Hsieh served as chief editor for a book published through the International Society of Education Through Arts (InSEA) titled “Teaching Chinese Arts & Culture: Content, Context and Pedagogy.”

The book offers a teaching resource for art educators interested in teaching about Chinese arts and culture. The authors, who include native Chinese and American art educators, share their course content and ways of teaching Chinese arts and culture within various classroom conditions in China, Taiwan, and the United States, and with Chinese, Chinese-American, non-Chinese, and other students. To quote the publishing website, “With five thousand years of civilization, the characteristics and inter-disciplinary features of Chinese arts & culture are great resources that art educators can use to achieve culturally responsive teaching…The various perspectives presented allow art educators to adapt, create their own curriculum, and develop culturally appropriate pedagogies and strategies uniquely geared toward their students’ needs and the school’s requirements.”

For a complete list of Dr. Kevin Hsieh’s publications, visit his College of the Arts profile. 


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