INDIANAPOLIS – Downtown Indy’s Original Farmers’ Market is back starting this Wednesday and will return every Wednesday from now until October. 

It’s a special return because after being relocated for the past two years, it’s also back to its original location in front of the City Market building. 

After being at the old spot for 23 years, having to move two years in a row due to COVID and construction really took a toll on sales and attendance to the market.  

Organizers are hoping being back where they say they belong will bring more people to participate and support the businesses. 

While not too far away from the original location, the spot they were in last year in front of Whole Foods presented its challenges. 

It created a sort of disconnect between the vendors inside the City Market building. 

Original Farmers’ Market vendors setting up

But now they are back where people are more familiar with them being. 

“It helps us work as a team with the merchants indoors so not only are we featuring an outdoor event featuring local farms, bakeries and products, but we’re also featuring our merchants indoors in the historic landmark. So, we’re just happy to team up with them again and to be one solid entity,” said market manager Mandy Wright-Jarrett. 

Another issue was the wind. 

“I mean for whatever reason, that location when we were across last year from Whole Foods, the way it formed like a city canyon.” So physically it was hard because if you had produce or if you had plants they were breaking, getting blown around.” 

The market is a SNAP approved market, so they accept SNAP and EBT benefits. They also have a special matching program with the Marion County Health Department called Fresh Bucks. 

“So not only is it assisting the folks with the Hoosier works card, but it’s assisting our farmers. It’s stimulating the local economy, which is what we want. We want to support those local growers,” said Wright-Jarrett. 

The market changed its hours this year. They are now open from 10 a.m. until 1:30 p.m. 

For more information you can visit their website

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