Dixie D’Amelio knows a thing or two about playing cupid.

After all, she set her little sister Charli D’Amelio up with Landon Barker earlier this year. The “Psycho” singer reflected on pointing Charli towards the musician without realizing sparks were about to fly.

“When it happened, I set it up. I just saw him and was like ‘Why don’t you talk to Landon?,'” Dixie, 21, shared during an Oct. 6 appearance on the BFFs podcast. “He seems like a nice kid. Your type I guess.” “And I didn’t think any more of it, I was being a good older sister.”

Charli, 18, agreed with her sister and gave viewers a look into where she stands in her relationship with Landon.

“What happened is for these past two years, I’ve put what everyone thinks of me above my own happiness and this was the first time that I really listened to my heart,” she explained. “If that creates drama for other people that’s theirs to deal with. I’m happy. He’s happy and that’s really all to it.”

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