A Discord voice chat option is overlayed on an Xbox screen.

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Discord’s helpful but slightly infamous voice chat will soon hit your Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One consoles, but some Xbox Insider program participants will be able to access the new function today. According to an official Xbox blog post, the integration will allow players to “chat with anyone on Discord via voice channels or group calls directly from your console making it easy to connect with friends across mobile, Xbox, and PC.”

“While you are playing on your console, you will be able to see who is in the call and speaking,” Xbox’s Eric Voreis wrote. “You’ll also be able to adjust the sound, and switch between Discord Voice and Xbox game chat.”

That’s nice to know—Discord’s voice chat is notoriously laden with verbal abuse, so I’d like to make sure it’s on at full volume so I can hear strangers call me an “evil munchkin bitch” while I play Minecraft. More benevolently, the Discord update will be a helpful way to integrate your existing friend groups into your Xbox sessions. If you spend a lot of time on Xbox, you will no longer need to jerry-rig a way to play with your Discord friends chatting beside you. The console will take care of the logistics for you.

Eager voice chatters should know that there are still an unspecified few weeks before the Discord update reaches their console. But when it finally lands, whenever that may be, getting it to work will be easy.

To access Discord you’ll press the Xbox button, then look for “Parties & chats,” and then “Discord Voice on Xbox.” From there, scan the available QR code, link your Discord account to Xbox (even if you have linked the two before), and join a voice chat channel normally. Your mobile Discord app will also gain a “Join on Xbox” button, but you’ll need the Xbox app if you want the voice chat you’re having on your phone to be able to jump over to your Xbox.

Discord conversations you have over Xbox will still be subject to Discord’s usual safety standards, which ostensibly includes a commitment to data privacy and harassment prevention. Thank you, Discord and Xbox, I feel empowered to build my Minecraft brothel now.

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