The mainstream media today reported that three companies connected to far-right radio host Alex Jones filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy amid lawsuits related to false claims about the 2012 Sandy Hook shooting.

The mainstream elites have been targeting Alex Jones and Infowars for years now. Their allies in Big Tech also targeted Alex Jones and colluded to take him off their platforms on the same day back in August 2018.

On Monday Alex Jones released a response to today’s media attacks. Alex Jones vows he will not let the corporate media win.

Alex Jones:  When you see these headlines out there, “Did Alex Jones-Infowars declare bankruptcy?”  The answer is no.  The bankruptcy from my affiliate companies is designed to pay all of my creditors in full.  Alex Jones, yours truly, gave up all rights to his membership interest to a debtors’ bankruptcy to a trust created to hold that interest to backstop payments and claims.  Number 4: I am confident the federal system has the tools and experience to fairly deal with the restoration of these claims.  The corporate media and these individuals know that we do not have all this money.  The plan is to try to get judgments giant and large that can’t be paid so they can close our doors here and try to keep me from being on the air elsewhere which they are not going to be able to do… That said my fate is tied to your fate.

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Alex Jones told The Gateway Pundit tonight he needs everyone’s support and prayers.

Alex also released a new video. Here is the video.

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