Though a highly publicized computer glitch led to a state website temporarily reflecting people participated in the state’s recent presidential primary when they didn’t, it did not affect vote tabulation.

A memo issued by the secretary of state’s office said the computer glitch was a “simple and preventable” discrepancy in how the state voter database interpreted data sent from individual counties. The registration information and ballot tabulations are separate systems, and the glitch occurred after the presidential preference primary.

“This was a technical error that should not have happened, resulting from a patchwork, bottom-up voter registration system that has long needed to be replaced,” Secretary of State Cisco Aguilar said. “The votes are actually accurate.”

The coding errors were fixed less than three days after being noticed, and there were no more outstanding issues. Aguilar said that an in-the-works centralized voter registration system would prevent such errors in the future.

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