Rep. Randy Fine (R-FL) issued a thinly veiled death threat against Joe Biden if the President pursues common-sense gun laws.

Rep. Fine tweeted:

Fine followed up his death threat against POTUS by claiming that exposed the left’s plan to confiscate guns:

There was a time not long ago when tweets like these would be viewed as political theater by Republicans to motivate their single-issue gun voters, but it has been revealed that they believe the misinformation that they are spewing.

Fine’s tweets are those of a deranged mentally hollowed-out Fox News viewer.

There is no evidence that Democrats want to confiscate guns. There is no legislation anywhere in Congress that calls for guns to be confiscated. Democrats are trying to pass legislation that will take away access to the mass shooter’s best friend, the assault weapon.

Rep. Fine should be getting a knock on the door from law enforcement, as he appears to be attempting to incite violence against the President Of The United States.

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