Elemental Gelade, by Xebec, follows a rambunctious sky pirate named Coud (not to be confused with the feather-haired Final Fantasy protagonist). After raiding a skyship, Coud stumbles upon a crate containing a mysterious girl named Reverie “Ren” Metherlence. But Ren isn’t like most girls, she’s actually an Edel Raid, a humanoid being that can transform into a powerful weapon after bonding with a human partner. Ren also happens to be one of the strongest Edel Raid thanks to her revered bloodline.

As far as hidden gems go, Elemental Gelade is as hidden gem as it gets. I mean, look no further than the literal gem in Ren’s dome. This anime has a little bit of everything: impressive action, intriguing world-building, side-splitting comedy, and, of course, romance.


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