How does it feel? Chloe Bailey is about to tell you.

The singer recently got candid on how her sultry social media posts, including snaps from music video shoots, beach pictures and fashion events are being scrutinized by the public.

“A lot of times I’ll be confused,” Chloe told Latto during an interview with Apple Music released March 30, “because I’m like the things that I post that people will have the most think pieces about, every girl be posting the same thing.”

“And I’m like, ‘Okay so why is it with me a problem?'” she continued. “Or when I do it, it’s forced, it’s contrived.”

The “Have Mercy” artist, who shot to fame at 13-years-old on YouTube with her sister Halle Bailey, reflected on the reason why she thinks the public reacts in a negative way.

“So, I’ve been sitting there, thinking in my head and I’ve come to the conclusion that it is because they are not used to seeing me in that light,” she confessed. “They have grown up with my sister and I since we had our little short baby locks on YouTube and everything.”

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