How crazy have things become in San Francisco? So crazy that the Democrat Mayor London Breed now wants homeless people to submit to drug testing before they can receive government services.

This is a huge shift from the way things were just two years ago.

There is a good chance that Mayor Breed knows what is going to happen to the city if things don’t change and fast.

FOX News reports:

Democrat San Francisco mayor announces plan to require drug testing, treatment to receive homeless services

Democratic San Francisco Mayor London Breed on Tuesday unveiled a plan to require anyone receiving welfare to comply with mandatory drug testing and treatment programs amid growing pressure to get ahold of the city’s homeless and fentanyl crises — the same day a new primary challenger in next year’s election entered the race.

Announcing the proposal with Supervisor Matt Dorsey, a recovering addict and former spokesperson for the police department, Breed said the new initiative would require individuals with substance use disorders who want to access county-funded cash assistance to be enrolled in treatment and services.

“San Francisco is a city of compassion, but also a city that demands accountability,” Breed said in a statement. “We fund a wide range of services, and we want to help people get the care they need but under current state law, local government lack tools to compel people into treatment. This initiative aims to create more accountability and help get people to accept the treatment and services they need.”

Watch the video below:

Mayor Breed really sounds like a liberal who has been mugged by reality. San Francisco needs to change if it wants to survive.

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