BOISE, Idaho – Wednesday’s cancelled execution has one lawmaker reconsidering how firing squads should be used in Idaho.

Representative Bruce Skaug (R) sponsored a bill that became law during last year’s legislative session. Idaho is now only one of five states that can use a firing squad as an alternative method of execution – only if lethal injection drugs are not available.

“Lethal injections for executions were unavailable for political means outside of our state, in our control,” explained Skaug. “So the backup plan was to have firing squad allowed, and it is a humane and speedy death. So as a backup, we passed a bill to that effect, that when pentobarbital or other means are not available for lethal injection, we could do the firing squad.”

After today’s events, Representative Skaug is saying he wants to amend the law using the firing squad in situations similar to what happened to Thomas Eugene Creech.

“I have already communicated with the attorney general that I’d like to amend that bill to allow for a firing squad in situations such as this so justice can be carried out for the victims and their families,” Skaug said.

When asked if would introduce legislation to amend the law during the current legislative session, Skaug said “there is time. It would be slim.” He also said he has to talk to his colleagues in the Legislature and the attorney general.

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