An Oklahoma City couple’s canceled flight on their way to elope in Las Vegas led to their holding their wedding aboard a Southwest Airlines plane. Pam Patterson and Jeremy Salda booked a Sunday flight to Las Vegas, and decided to travel in their wedding attire to be ready for their wedding chapel appointment at 9 p.m. They arrived at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport to catch their connecting flight to Harry Reid International Airport in Las Vegas, but after multiple delays they were told their flight was canceled. A fellow passenger named Chris, who was also attempting to travel from Dallas to Las Vegas, overheard them talking about their predicament and revealed he was an ordained minister and would be willing to preside over their wedding in Las Vegas. The three booked the last three remaining seats on a Southwest flight from Dallas Love Field Airport to Las Vegas and took a ride-sharing car to get from one Dallas airport to the other. While boarding the new flight, the pilot, Capt. Gil, noticed Patterson was wearing a wedding gown and asked her about it. “Pam explained their story and joked with Captain Gil they should just get married on the flight. For the second time that week, Pam was surprised to hear the words, ‘Let’s do it,’” a Facebook post said. The crew decorated the passenger area with toilet paper streamers and used snack mix to create a sash for the minister. A flight attendant stood in as maid of honor and a professional photographer who happened to be on the same flight took out her camera to document the ceremony. The post congratulated the couple “on a memorable in-flight wedding neither our employees nor passengers are likely to forget!”

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