Bryan Kohberger has requests for his upcoming trial. 

A February court hearing revealed that the 29-year-old, who has been accused of murdering four University of Idaho students back in November 2022, plans to call over 400 witnesses to take the stand during his legal proceedings, according to Fox News. 

In addition to the witnesses, his defense requested a cell tower investigation to help build an alibi, which¬†would potentially delay the trial further after Kohberger waived his right to a speedy trial back in August. At the hearing, prosecutors were opposed to providing Kohberger’s team the extra time, arguing the suspect could use it to¬†form an alibi based on¬†discovery material, per the outlet.¬†

“It frankly causes the state great alarm that the defense is discussing calling upwards of 400 witnesses during the innocence phase,” a deputy prosecutor told Judge John Judge during¬†a Feb. 28¬†hearing, per Fox News, “when we potentially don’t have a full alibi disclosure.”¬†

And¬†those weren’t¬†the only requests the defense put in. In fact, Kohberger’s lawyers also expressed the desire to change the location of the upcoming trial due to concerns over how the level of media attention he’s received¬†will affect the jurors.¬†

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