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Elica Le Bon, a British-born Iranian attorney and activist, shared a powerful message on social media for those who defend the brutal Iranian Regime.

The video has amassed almost 3 million views on X in less than 24 hours.

Le Bon began, “Hi. Iranian woman here. It’s become very apparent that you haven’t been listening to anything that we’ve had to say for the past two years, but I was wondering if you could just lend me a few minutes of your time in this ungodly hour to hear us now.”

“We’ve had to watch, over the last 24 hours, people clambering onto the internet to explain that Iran has the right to defend itself.

“In what capacity have you distorted the story to make the Islamic Republic the victim? That’s, I think, what we’re most curious about.”

“When we were screaming for the past two years that they were lynching us, where were you?”

Elica recalls the brutality of the regime in the aftermath of the murder of Mahsa Amini, who died from injuries sustained after her arrest for the “improper” wearing of a hijab, and the subsequent mass protests that followed.

“When we were screaming that they were killing Iranian women for not wearing a hijab, where were you? Where were you when they were lynching Iranian men from cranes for protesting…”

“Where were you?”

“Where were you when we were explaining that this is a terrorist occupying force, where were you? But all of a sudden, everyone’s graduated from Instagram school of law to say that this is a violation of international law and Iran has the right to defend itself.”

“First of all, you aren’t talking about Iran, you are talking about the Islamic Republic.  What the Islamic Republic does is not a reflection of the Iranian people. We’ve been clear about what we want, which is peace.”

She then lays bare the Islamic Republic’s work to destabilize the Middle East.

“How about the terror proxies that the Islamic Republic has created to foster regional instability? What did you think they were there for? What did you think Hezbollah was there for? Hamas? Houthis? The militia groups in Iraq and Syria?”

“Did you think that they were there to instigate a system of public schooling education? To feed the poor? House the unhoused? What did you think that they were there for? Is that an act of war?”

Watch her full message:

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