LONDON — British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is in serious trouble — again — with more than 50 members of his government resigning in 48 hours and many more in open revolt.

Ministers and aides, including several high-level members of his Cabinet, say they no longer have faith in his leadership after a series of scandals, the latest involving an ally accused of sexual misconduct.

Johnson rose to power on a promise to “get Brexit done.” He secured a huge parliamentary majority for his Conservative Party in a 2019 general election, which he had argued this week gave him a public mandate to stay on. At times, during his nearly three years at No. 10 Downing Street, as the British prime minister’s office is known, he was popular with much of the public.

But his popularity took serious dents through a series of scandals, from police fines over coronavirus lock down parties to the cost of decorating his official home, and on Thursday he woke up to another wave of resignations by government officials and party members declaring that the embattled prime minister must step down immediately — for the sake not only of his Conservative Party but for the country.

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