Blake Shelton fans might remember that the song “I Don’t Care” appears on two of his albums.

The song first showed up on Blake’s 2007 album, Pure BS.

Then “I Don’t Care” also appeared in the track list for Blake’s next album – 2008’s Startin’ Fires.

Turns out that the song showing up on two albums wasn’t an error – Blake really wanted to give that track a chance to be a single at country radio…which it was not.

Now in 2022, Blake is reaching back to bring “I Don’t Care” to the fans’ attention again.

Turning to social media Shelton posted, “Back in the day I wanted this song to be a single so bad I put it on 2 different albums. We never got to it and I still regret it. Thought I’d dig it out for y’all. It’s called ‘I Don’t Care.’”

Check out the special acoustic version of the track from Blake Shelton here…

Photo Credit: Andrew Eccles

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